A Two-Part Modern Egyptian Studies Forum

The latest installment of the Modern Egyptian Studies Forum entitled, "Adventures in the Archives," was presented as a two-part event.

On September 30, three panelists gave their impressions on the preservation of history in, and access to, libraries and other archival resources.  Lucia Carminati of Texas Tech University discussed Dar al-Watha’iq in Cairo; Michael Akladios, from the University of Toronto, Mississauga, presented on the organization that he has founded in Toronto, called Egypt Migrations; and Roberta (“Robin”) Dougherty, the Librarian for Middle East Studies & Librarian for African Studies (interim) in the Yale University Library talked about current trends, opportunities and limitations of access vis-à-vis printed and digital library resources.

A recording of the forum and the subsequent Q & A can be found here:  Adventures in the Archives, Part I

Dr. Khaled Fahmy, Professor of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Cambridge University, was the speaker for part two on October 13, speaking on the political and intellectual implications of access to Egypt-related archives and libraries.  You can hear his talk and the subsequent Q & A here: Adventures in the Archives, Part II