The Royal Inscriptions of Ashurbanipal (668–631 BC), Aššur-etel-ilāni (630–627 BC), and Sîn-šarra-iškun (626–612 BC), Kings of Assyria, Part 1

Photo Of Book Cover For The Book Entitled Royal Inscriptions Of Ashurbanipal Volume One

Joshua Jeffers


J. Jeffers and J. Novotny. University Park, Pennsylvania: Eisenbrauns, 2018.

In this book, Jamie Novotny and Joshua Jeffers provide updated, reliable editions of seventy-one historical inscriptions of Ashurbanipal, including all historical inscriptions on clay prisms, clay cylinders, wall slabs, and other stone objects from Nineveh, Assur, and Kalhu. Each text edition is accompanied by an English translation, a catalog of all exemplars, a comprehensive bibliography, and commentary containing notes and technical information. This volume also contains a general introduction to the reign of Ashurbanipal, his military campaigns, the corpus of inscriptions, previous studies, and chronology; translations of the relevant passages of several Mesopotamian chronicles and king lists; photographs of objects inscribed with texts of Ashurbanipal; indexes of museum and excavation numbers, selected publications, and proper names.

This reference work represents a significant revision of previously published collections and also makes available a number of unpublished inscriptions. It will be invaluable to specialists in royal inscriptions and will be of interest to all scholars of the history and archaeology of the Ancient Near East.

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