The Ten Commandments: Monuments of Memory, Belief, and Interpretation

Photo Of Book Cover For The Book Entitled The Ten Commandments Monuments Of Memory, Belief, And Interpretation

Timothy Hogue


Hogue, Timothy S. The Ten Commandments: Monuments of Memory, Belief, and Interpretation. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2023.

The Decalogue, commonly known as the Ten Commandments, is usually analyzed as a text. Within the Hebrew Bible, however, it is depicted as a monument– an artifact embedded in rituals that a community uses to define itself. Indeed, the phraseology, visual representations, and ritual practices of contemporary monuments used to describe the Ten Commandments imbue them with authority. In this volume, Timothy Hogue, presents a new translation, commentary, and literary analysis of the Decalogue through a comparative study of the commandments with inscribed monuments in the ancient Levant. Drawing on archaeological and art historical studies of monumentality, he grounds the Decalogue's composition and redaction in the material culture and political history of ancient Israel and ancient West Asia. Presenting a new inner-biblical reception history of the text, Hogue's book also provides a new model for dating biblical texts that is based on archaeological and historical evidence, rather than purely literary critical methods.

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