Valentina Anselmi

Valentina Anselmi

Ph.D. Candidate

Ancient Egypt has long captivated my heart and soul. After a B.A. in Egyptology at the American University in Cairo and a voluntary hiatus to raise a family, I have continued to pursue the pharaonic realm with a Master's Degree in Egyptology at the University of Pennsylvania, which I obtained in 2015. I am now a PhD candidate whose research focus is the art, language and religion of the late Old Kingdom. My dissertation, titled An Investigation of Correlations in Art, Religion and Language Development in the Later Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period, delves into the fascinating and controversial occurrence of the so-called Second Style, an artistic rendition of the deceased, expressed in statues of the funerary ensembles, which, due to its exaggerated idiosyncrasies, has been compared to Late Renaissance mannerism by some scholars. The emergence of such style, according to preliminary research, could possibly have been reflected in other cultural aspects of the time. 


Academic and Professional Honors:

Ahmed Fakry Award in Egyptology, The American University in Cairo, Cairo (Egypt), Junior Year

Samiha El Barkouky Award in Egyptology, The American University in Cairo, Cairo (Egypt), Senior Year



Epigrapher, University of Pennsylvania Project on Middle Kingdom Seals from the Site of Abydos, Dec. 2014-Jan. 2015


Museum Experience:

Egyptian Galleries Tour Guide                                                                      2015-present

40 Winks with the Sphinx Hieroglyphs’ Workshop Teacher                          2015-2018


I am available as a contact to prospective Egyptology students.

Courses Taught

Teaching and Advising:

Fall 2015: Introduction to the Ancient Near East (NELC101)

Spring 2016: Land of the Pharaohs (NELC 062)

Fall 2016: Introduction to the Bible (NELC 150)

Spring 2017: Land of the Pharaohs (NELC 062)

Spring 2018: Land of the Pharaohs (NELC 062)