Courses for Summer 2021

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NELC 180-900 Narrative Across Culture Sherif Hasan Ismail Muhamed R 05:00 PM-08:50 PM The purpose of this course is to present a variety of narrative genres and to discuss and illustrate the modes whereby they can be analyzed. We will be looking at shorter types of narrative: short stories, novellas, and fables, and also some extracts from longer works such as autobiographies. While some works will come from the Anglo-American tradition, a larger number will be selected from European and non-Western cultural traditions and from earlier time-periods. The course will thus offer ample opportunity for the exploration of the translation of cultural values in a comparative perspective. ENGL103900, COML125900, SAST124900, THAR105900 Arts & Letters Sector Course Online: Synchronous Format
TURK 021-980 Online Begin. Turkish I Feride Servet Hatiboglu CANCELED This is a course for beginners who have no previous knowledge of Turkish. Using a communicative approach, Elementary Turkish introduces basic vocabulary and grammar rules and focuses on building language competencies in listening, reading, speaking and writing. By the end of the course, students will be able to participate in simple conversations, to know daily expressions, and will understand simple dialogues in day-to-day context and will be able to count and tell time. Will be able to speak about events that happened in the past and express plans for the future. Students will also develop writing strategies that will allow them to write simple letters and fill in commonly-used forms. TURK621980 Course Online: Synchronous Format
TURK 621-980 Elem Turkish I Feride Servet Hatiboglu CANCELED This course is TURK-021 for graduate students. Introduction to the spoken and written language of contemporary Turkey. TURK021980