How the Bulgarians Survived the Holocaust

Jan 26, 2022 at -

Join us on January 26 for a Jewish Community Relations Council event, as we observe International Holocaust Remembrance Day and remember the innocent six million Jews and millions of other people who fell victims to…

How to Read a Cookbook: Cuisine and the Nation in Ottolenghi's London

Jan 31, 2022 at

Harry Eli Kashdan is a scholar of food culture and migration in the contemporary Mediterranean. He holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from University of Michigan, and was Lauro de Bosis Postdoctoral…

Dr. Shams: Panel on Afghan Scholars at Risk

Sep 30, 2021 at -

With the help of Humboldt foundation’s Philip Schwartz Initiative, an information panel to urge European academic institutions to sponsor more at-risk scholars will present on their progress to date and…