The Royal Inscriptions of Ashurbanipal (668–631 BC), Aššur-etel-ilāni (630–627 BC), and Sîn-šarra-iškun (626–612 BC), Kings of Assyria, Part 2

Photo Of Book Cover For The Book Entitled Royal Inscriptions Of Ashurbanipal Volume Two

Joshua Jeffers


J. Jeffers and J. Novotny. University Park, Pennsylvania: Eisenbrauns, 2023.

This second volume of Joshua Jeffers and Jamie Novotny’s new and updated editio princeps of the inscriptions of the Neo-Assyrian king Ashurbanipal provides reliable, up-to-date editions of 169 historical inscriptions of this seventh-century BC ruler, including all such texts known from clay tablets and presumed from Kuyunjik, the citadel mound of the Assyrian capital Nineveh. Each text edition is presented with an English translation, a brief introduction, a catalogue of basic information about all attested exemplars, a commentary on further technical information and notes, and a comprehensive bibliography. This volume includes a general introduction to sources edited in the volume, a study of Ashurbanipal’s building activities in Assyria, photographs of tablets inscribed with texts of Ashurbanipal, indices of museum and excavation numbers and selected publications, and indices of proper names.

Prepared by a pair of highly qualified philologists and historians, this modern scholarly edition is the first to translate into English all the presently known inscriptions of Ashurbanipal written on clay tablets. It will be a key reference for Assyriologists for decades to come.

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