Dan Ben-Amos

Dan Ben-Amos

Professor of African, Jewish and Middle Eastern Folklore

(215) 898-5857

709 Williams Hall


Dan Ben-Amos is a specialist in folklore and folklife, trained in the comparativist tradition in Jerusalem and at Indiana University at Bloomington. He is the editor of a series of translations of folklore classics, primarily by European scholars. He has published many articles on folklore theory and the history of the field. His books include Sweet Words: Folktales from BeninFolklore Genres and Cultural Memory and the Construction of Identity, which he co-edited with Liliane Weissberg. In 2006, his edited volume, Folktales of the Jews: Volume 1: Tales from the Sephardic Dispersion, was awarded the top prize in the National Jewish Book Award's Sephardic Culture category. 

Office Hours
Dr. Ben-Amos is on leave for the Fall 2022 semester
Research Interests

Jewish folklore, African folklore, Prose Narrative, Proverbs, Theories of Myth as well as Structural Analysis.

Selected Publications

 Selected Bibliography


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