Natalie B. Dohrmann

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Associate Director Herbert D. Katz Center, Adj. Associate Professor of Religious Studies

420 Walnut Street

Office Hours
by appointment

Ph.D. University of Chicago

M.A.  St. John's College

B.A.  Princeton University

Selected Publications

“Problematizing the Midrashic Book in an Imperial Landscape,” in Jewish Culture and Creativity: Essays in Honor of Michael Fishbane on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday, ed. E. Fishbane and E. Russ-Fishbane. Brighton, Mass., 2023.

“Roman War and Provincial Sovereigntism,” in Unrest in the Roman Empire: A Discursive History, ed. L. Eberle and M. Lavan. Tübingen, 2023.

“Pax Tannaitica,” on Jewish history and legal theory, Jewish Quarterly Review 112.4 (2022).

Ad similitudinem arbitrorum: On the Perils of Commensurability and Comparison in Roman and Rabbinic Law,” in Legal Engagement: The Reception of Roman Tribunals and Law by Jews and Other Provincials of the Roman Empire, ed. K. Berthelot, N. B. Dohrmann, and C. Nemo-Pekelman. Rome, 2021.

Jewish Books and Roman Readers: Censorship, Authorship, and the Rabbinic Library,” in Reconsidering Roman Power: Roman, Greek, Jewish and Christian Perceptions and Reactions, ed. K. Berthelot. École Française de Rome, 2020.

“Can ‘Law’ Be Private? The Mixed Message of Rabbinic Oral Law,” in Public and Private in Ancient Mediterranean Law and Religion, ed. C. Ando and J. Rüpke. Religionsgeschichtliche Versuche und Vorarbeiten 65. Berlin, 2015.