An especially talented undergraduate student may wish to undertake an intensified major program leading to the awarding of both the BA and MA degrees. Such a program of study must be approved by the undergraduate Advisor, the Undergraduate Chair, and the Dean of the student's undergraduate school. This process is known as “submatriculation.”

Undergraduate majors in NELC who wish to sub-matriculate into the NELC Graduate Group may apply to the Graduate Group at pre-registration time in the second semester of the junior year. If there is a question about the student's standing, the faculty may choose to wait until the semester's grades are in before making a final decision. Only graduate courses taken in the senior year will count for both graduate and undergraduate credit. The student must fulfill the graduate requirements in a course and receive a grade of A before that course can be considered for double credit. Courses required for fulfillment of the undergraduate major cannot be counted for graduate credit. Undergraduates who wish to sub-matriculate are required to pursue the Honors Program Major (a total of 16 c.u.) in addition to fulfilling all of the graduate program requirements. Students who sub-matriculate can usually complete the MA degree in one year after receiving the BA degree.

Please note: To begin the process of applying for submatriculation, contact your College Contact, whose name and email are found on Path@Penn.